miércoles, 24 de octubre de 2012


This week has been published the Living Conditions Survey 2012 by the National Statistics Institute (INE). This report is particularly significant because its statistical data are accredited and compatible for all EU member States. Let us see the main findings of the document:

·         The yearly average income of households reached 24.609 €, that is – 1’9% with respect to 2010 and around the amount of 2006.
·         21’1 % of people is at risk of poverty and for unemployed people the risk ups to 35’8%.
·         There is a broad regional gap. The risk of poverty is significantly lower in Navarra (8’8%), Asturias (9’9%) or the Basque Country (10’8%) than in Andalusia (31’7%), Extremadura (31’9%) or Canary Islands (33’8%).
·         12’7% of households says that it’s very difficult to make ends meet (+ 2’9% than 2011).
·         44’5% (+ 5’6%) of households can’t afford to pay for at least one week annual holiday away from home.
·         40% (+ 4’1%) of households cannot afford unforeseen expenses.
·         7’4% (+ 1’2%) of households delays payments related to the main residence (rent, mortgage, gas or electricity receipts…)

Also this week the Government has announced that unemployment will continue growing in 2013, the economy will decrease around 1’5% and we’ll face new budgetary cuts.


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