sábado, 6 de octubre de 2012


Caritas has just published the “7th Report of the Observatory on Social Reality” assessing the impact in Spain of the current crisis. The most relevant findings of the report are as follows:

·         We witnessed a substantial increase of poverty, mostly due to unemployment and cuts in social protection. Nevertheless a job is not a guarantee of social inclusion:  2’5 million people (15% of working population) are poor workers.
·         Nowadays 25% of population is at risk of poverty, that means that Spain shows emerging countries ratios.
·         During the years of economic growth, net social spending increased but not the social spending/GDP ratio.
·         In 2011, Caritas attended three times more people (over 1’1 million) than in the onset of the crisis. 40% of people attended were in chronic poverty.
·         The most vulnerable groups are young couples with children and immigrants. But the most remarkable fact is the increasing number of former middle class people demanding aid.
·         320 € is the average income of people attended by Caritas, that is 50% bellow of poverty threshold.

Poverty is sharply increasing as well as inequity. There is a growing mixed feeling of indignation and hopeless

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